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As we saw earlier, only a fraction of the routes offered potential savings. For the remaining 15 routes, I searched again the next day, and again until the first time Kayak recommended that I buy.

The "Getaway Map" lets you browse a map from your chosen airport showing the lowest fares to various domestic and Canadian destinations, and you can refresh the map based on the exact week that you'd like to travel.

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Travelocity, as far as we know, was the first travel agency site to offer a fare watch system. That may have been the core data Kayak used to create predictions and test their validity, though the company says that its predictions are based on an ever-changing dynamic data set and that it plans to improve its calculations constantly to help make its advice more accurate.

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Since flight seats lose all their value on the day of departure, airlines use sophisticated algorithms to project consumer demand, adjusting prices fluidly.